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8 features of Google Glasses That are astonishing

Google Glasses are still in the process of development and also have a lot of time till it reaches the masses. So with all the talks that are going around about this new technology, here is a small dig that was done in order to find out some of the best features of Google Glasses. Be prepared for the future as you might see many people wearing the Google Glass.

Google Glasses

Here are 8 features of Google Glasses that will be of great advantage in the years to come

1.     Tiny yet Powerful Hardware

Hats off to the Project Glass team that has worked really hard and has finally succeeded to put all the features in a tiny ‘computer’ supported on a lightweight yet strong frame. It has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, speakers, a camera, microphone, touchpad and possibly a gyroscope that detects head-tilts. 

The main thing of this entire piece is a tiny screen the size of your finger that shows you all the information you need at your fingertips.

2.     Heed My Command

Google Glass has an amazing voice input that makes everything very interesting. The built-in microphone is combined with Google Now and connects you directly to the search engine. Starting from commanding to taking a photo or even recording a video everything is possible with this extraordinary technology.

3.     Life Pauses for No One

Live in the moment and capture all your favorite memories and pictures by using Google Glasses while it's not possible in Glasses Australia and other Glasses. All you need to do is say the command “Take a Photo” and you will instantly get your moment captured without wasting any time.

4.     Always On Call
Like you can record videos with Google Glass, you can also use it as a webcam with the data connection from your home or Smartphone. You can do all your work with the help of this without being confined to your desk. You can dictate text messages, attach videos and pictures with the help of this, a device that will be very helpful in the years to come.

5.     Never Get Lost Again
It’ll be able to help you navigate, with help from Google Maps since it has an inbuilt GPS. This will be handier when you are driving as you do not have to continuously look into your smartphone for the direction.

6. Blend with the locals
Do not worry anymore as you can happily visit any place with the help of Google Glasses even if you are not familiar with the local language. You can now convert the currency rate, understand the measurement system or translate your questions and their answers on the spot. You can easily get all the information starting from fun facts, best drinking spots, and gain access to the local secrets and have the best time.

7.     Live from the Field
The predictive software of Google Now will give you all the live information. It knows when you’re leaving your home for work and can warn you of bad traffic before you get stuck in it. With Glass, you can skip checking your device and just get it shown to you as and when it happens, or as news feeds. 

8.     OS Compatibility Not an Issue
Google Glasses also works with iPhones in the same way that it works with Androids. When paired up with your smart device, it can show social network notifications and let you communicate via the same channels as you would on the computer.