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Best Apps To find what song Am I Listening to Now?

It's very uncertain when you were traveling somewhere and a song flashes in front of you, and you don't know song's name still, you connected to that tune and wanted to hear it once again. How can you identify it?

For that reason, today I came up with an article to tell you the way to identify What song Am I Listening to or What song is this. There were lots of ways to do this, so, today I'm going to show you the easiest way to do this.

There were a bunch of apps to identify the name of the song. So, here are the best Apps to this.

Best Apps To Identify Song name?
What song am i listening to
What song am I listening to 


Shazam is the best in the list, and one of the oldest song name finder App that works on any platform. You know one thing, even Siri ( ios ) Also uses this as a backend application to get the data.

So, what do you need to do is just install the app on your device and place it near the Tune and hit the Tag Button. It will then Identify the name of the song and gives you the answer to your query.


SoundHound is available for Windows, iPhone, BlackBerry and Android. So, whatever the mobile, it will work fine.

Just install the app and hum the lyrics that you remember from the song you are looking to know. Once you start humming the song, it will identify the melody name and tells you what song is that.

It's pretty simple right, but one thing you need to know about this app is that if you don't remember the Lyrics it won't help you. Because you need to hum right.


Unlike all other I mentioned in this post, WatZatSong is not an App; it's an online website that will help you to recognize the name of the tune. 

Go to their website and hum the lyrics that you barely remember and ask them like, can anyone know the lyrics of the song I sang. And wait for the reply. It will take some time but, it's good to wait because you will get the answer at the end of the day.

Tried all these apps and websites still facing trouble in finding. Well, I have some cool stuff for you.! Yeah, I mean it and you have my word for that.

The help of Predefined Apps to Getting the Song Name?

I mean Predefined Apps, You heard it right, well without wasting a bit of time let's jump into the topic.


Siri is there to help ios users to get what they want; it will help you to answer your queries and what not. It's the best thing that Apple ever built.

Ok, how can we get the name of the song using Siri? Well, it's pretty straight forward, just place the Siri where the song is playing and ask What song is this Siri?

It will search and show you the result.


Cortana is much like Siri, and it is for the Windows users, Just install the app and place it near the song and ask the query that's it. 

One more cool thing about Cortana is, it's available for Android and ios as well. So, you can download it from their official website and use it.

Ok Google:

You know there Siri is for ios and Cortana has own by Windows then, what about Google. Google is not a kid right, So, Google also has a Personal assistant and the name is Ok Google.

Just open the app and place it near the song and ask ok google what song is that?

Ok, you find the song name. Then, where can you download the Song. For that reason, I made a list of Mp3 Download sites. That cam help you to download the songs.

That's it for today guys, looking forward to hearing from you.!!