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Digital India Thae Facts and Truths: Transforming India

Everything in India is getting the flavor of the digital revolution. Digital India campaign launched by Central Government aims at building right set of infrastructure that can hold the digital needs for future India. Under this campaign, Government will provide high-speed internet connection in villages (rural places across India) and will try to connect them with the mainstream. It does not stop at providing high-speed internet connections only, rather it takes a step further and aims at delivering quality training (digital literacy primarily) so that everyone in rural areas can make efficient use of digital services covered under “Digital India” hood.

Here we will be discussing impacts of Digital India campaign in India and the things that it is going to change. It mainly works on improving the services using below methods:

  • Setting up strong digital structure
    Providing quality internet education
    Improving existing services (either improve quality of already available e-services or bring more conventional offline services to online platform)
  • First two things will take time and will be completed eventually. Government officials are working hard towards realizing 3rd point i.e. to improve the quality of existing services.

How Digital India is improving quality of existing e-services

  • Enhance the quality of existing e-services and bringing more number of essential services to an online platform is one of the fundamentals of Digital India. Departments like passport, IRCTC has already shown vast improvement and promise in quality terms. 
  • IRCTC server space is almost doubled, and it can now handle nearly twice users than it used to treat earlier. This has improved online booking process also (people are now able to book tickets with better throughput and fewer chances of getting void out).
  •  Same happened with passport services. Earlier it used to take around a month for getting passport live in applicant’s hand. However now with the better implication of technology and available resources, same can be done within a week only.
Digital India

The government is planning for bringing birth certificate process online. As of now birth certificates can be obtained through offline channels only. One need to visit nearest Gram Panchayat Office (GPOs) or Municipality offices for getting their details registered with the birth department. But once this process is ported to online clouds, the same can be done through online channels without any need for visiting birth registration offices. 

Concerned departments have already started the work towards realizing this dream, and they have come up with dedicated web pages that explain how one can apply for birth certificate currently (which is offline now). The government will conduct several trials before making any permanent changes to existing process. After successful completion, you will be able to do below tasks online:
Register for new birth certificates.

  1. Checking their status report
  2. Making changes to existing card
  3. Downloading the card online itself
  4. This is about birth certificates; the government has plans for providing each Indian a unique UIDAI ID which can be integrated with essential services to stop corruption at each level. This journey has started already, and direct subsidy transfer to bank accounts is one prominent example. “Direct Subsidy Transfer” will be integrated with all the available services in future.

Under the same hood, Government has launched another service that asks people to incorporate ration cards with Aadhaar numbers. Going this way, the government will make sure that redundancy of ration cards can be stopped and ration (foodstuff) can be distributed properly.
The government is working on services like DigiLocker ( the online place where documents can be stored safely), myGov, eAttendanc, etc. which has the potential to bring radical changes.
This is all about how digital India is supposed to work and what all changes it will bring once implemented completely. Do let us know your views on the same.