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Google Tricks: List of awesome and funny search tricks

Geeting bored with general search in Google and wanted to try something new in Google?

Google Tricks
Google Tricks

Try these Google tricks to get some fun with Google and some of the Tricks listed here are fresh and hidden tricks.

There were several kinds of tricks they are:

Google Search Tricks : 

                 Funny Google tricks
                 Hidden Google Tricks

Google Gravity Tricks :

                  Google Gravity underwater
                  Google Antigravity
                  Google sphere
                  Google Gravity Space.

Here you find Amazing Google Search Tricks and references to Google Gravity Tricks.

Before getting into the topic, I just want to ask you two quick questions

1. how you perform Google search?
2. Are you getting desired results for the search?

There are so many ways to perform Google search, although most of the people do not get the proper results. Why because, there searching in a Traditional way.

So, If you want to get perfect results you need to search in a pro way. Here, I will discuss How to search to get desired results.

The listed Google Tricks save your time. Most of them are awesome, and some of them are excellent and funny.

So, what are you waiting for, let's dive into the topic?

Google Search Tricks to save your time

                Google timer method to use Google As Timer

Using a traditional watch to set a timer to perform some activity like running, reading.., etc

Why don't you use Google timer instead classic watch, yes, you heard right? Google timer can also work as a stopwatch. You can set time to perform an action.

Just head over to Google and search Set timer to next 10 minutes. That's it.

               Using Google to get Instant Sports Details

You can use Google to get instant results of any running sports event. Yes, you can check, current score, schedule, and venue details on the Google home page itself.

               Know exact sunrise time using Google

Yes, Google gives exact timings of sunrise and sunset across the world. All you have to do is, give a query to the Google?

               To know Weather Forecast Information

Use Google to know Weather information instantly from your browser. Yes, Google gives exact weather information that all the main weather forecasting firms provides.

              To get Search results only from particular Domain

Want to get search results from your favorite website, instead of all SERP results. Google will also do this work for you.

Just type the following query -> ' site: domain name keyword.'

Ex: Site: alltechhope.com Google gravity underwater

               Using Google to know site indexed or not?
This trick is for the fellows bloggers, who want to are aware of their site is indexed or not by the Google.

Just type -> inurl://http://www.alltechhope.com

You can also check individual URLs of a page.

For ex: inurl://http://www.alltechhope.com/google-gravity

               Google doesn't know some keywords

We think Google knows everything. But, Google also doesn't know the meaning of some weird words like Anagram.

Thanks for reading want to know something more visit us again We will update the list frequently!!!!