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High Tech Home gadgets: List of Latest and Best Gadgets ( updated)

We are surrounding with automated daily tasks, but there has to be more natural and accessible way to control the devices around us with the goal of automation is to simplify our lives.I found these two Home gadgets and very useful to do all things.Here just you need to knock everywhere after start using the Knock device and use the smartphone to analyze weather information in Smart weather.


Say hello to knock.Knock is a small LAN device that instantly transforms ordinary surfaces into your environment internal controls. Using knock gadget couldn't be easier. Simply take it out of the box pick a place to put it like the surface to attach it to an end to find all the things you like to do. Someone can not control a wide variety of devices around us, but the actual beauty of our technology is that what they can do is only limited by your imagination.

Put knock in your living room and kitchen or even your bedroom, I mean imagine rolling over in the morning and tapping a simple pattern anywhere in your nightstand to snooze your alarm and start the coffee maker without even opening your eyes. You just have ten more minutes in bed. Using wifi which has proven to be far more reliable and with better region due to you can enjoy using Knock gadget from anywhere.

The number of devices and software that knock interact with is rapidly growing every day. Knock technology currently includes Nest, Phillips Hue, LIFX, Samsung Smart things,  IFTTT("if this then that" is a free web-based service that allows users to create chains of simple conditional statements) and more.

After knew this Smarthome technology other Gadget technologies that rely on sound voice control can be unreliable and confusing to use. They can be triggered accidentally and don't always work as expected.Knock technology uses acoustic sensors able to distinguish deliberate a poor not patterns from random vibrations in the environment.

The beauty of Knock product is that it makes any natural environment into a user interface. Think about the services around you, so many of them serve one or two purposes.Mr.Jake founder and his team did series of different tests and prototypes to make sure that blends in your environment and also looks beautiful on your sense. They are doing their first production in the USA.

This product is going to change lives and bring joy to people everywhere.Knock gadget accomplishes what technology is supposed to do instead of taking over our life chances. It is allowing you to put more thought and effort into the things that will happen to the world around you with the magic of Knock.

Knock,The Home gadget

Smart weather stations

Smart weather stations are simple to install and require almost no maintenance and automatically connected via smartphone your smart homes and the Internet.Finally, you can have useful weather information from her backyard. Smart weather station just like air. Air measures temperature atmospheric pressure and relative humidity, and air does something else special into texts lightning, It is not only alert you when lightning strikes but it'll estimate the strengthened distance of the storm up to twenty-five miles away.

And Smart weather will tell you how fast the storm is approaching.  You need just to set it outside in the shade air has a battery that lasts two years, and it connects wirelessly to your smartphone tablet or home network.

You don't have to think about it, when there's something you need to know, Smart Weather Station alert you can also view your data anytime in your smart weather app, as well as other favorite weather apps like Weather Underground and this is sky high Measures, sunlight solar radiation including UV index.

It also does two Cool thing that measures rain and the wind but no moving parts. It Sentence, each range of using an innovative, have taken rains alerting that instant. It starts to tell you how hard it's raining and how much it rained yesterday last week.

Smart weather Sky also measures wind speed and direction using an array of Sonic transducers this sonic anemometer is better in many ways and traditional spinning cups and usually only available in much more expensive systems. Like Air(SmartWeather), Sky comes with an extended life battery and is completely wireless also like air, sky is simple to install just find a spot with an unobstructed view of the Sky.

Home Gadgets

Home Gadgets

Both Sky and Air work with all the popular smartphone platform you can do all those Nifty Smarthome things like reminding you to put on sunscreen when The UV index is high. Delaying your sprinklers when it rains optimizing air conditioning systems save Money. Turning on the lights on the Sun Goes Down or closing the garage door when the wind kicks up.